We started planning our wedding since Sept of last year (2013). We chose ICE CANDY STUDIO to be our Photographer and videographer. Our email conversation went well. We started sending emails and responses since sept 2013. Point of Contact of Ice candy studio : Neil

We talked about the wedding package rate, reservation fee and Pre Nup Details. We’re doing good, continuous emails and brain storming about our concept. I asked if its OK to give the reservation fee by Feb of 2014 and HE AGREED TO IT.

I thought OK na since we had an agreement and I know that they are professionals. Come Feb 18 (today) , I asked for their bank details. Then these was the reply:

Re: Ice Candy Studio Inquiry
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Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 3:43 pm
Annielyn Mangarin
Hi Ms. Annie,
Good day.
Unfortunately, we have booked another client for a Dec. 13 wedding, too. Since this is a first-come-first served basis, I’m afraid we cannot provide you with our services anymore. We’ve been waiting for you to reserve since last year and earlier this year so we can block the date..
Hoping for your kind understanding.
Thanks and regards,

I was shocked and annoyed when I read it. I am also a photographer and I never give a pencil booked date to any other client WITHOUT PROPER ADVISE/NOTIFICATION. I understand that they have a first come, first served basis but it is still unacceptable to ditched our reservation without proper advised.

Up until now, I havent receive any reply from Neil. I advised them that it is not proper. I know I dont have any contract or any documents, just these emails, but I know it will cause damage to our wedding budget. Were not rich, thats why we selected Ice candy studio since they have affordable rates.

Not sure where I can consult or file a complaint about this incident. But one thing is for sure, THEY GOT AN UPSET AND DISAPPOINTED CUSTOMER.

For those couples who wish to tie the knot, you might be attracted to the affordable rates of Ice Candy Studio but please make sure to find someone who is professional enough to keep you and make you a satisfied customer. Hindi porket MURA e papayag na kayo na maGAGO.


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