Me: Masungit. Joker. Babaeng Bakla. One of the Boys. Hardworking. Prangka.

I hate: Mayabang. Sinungaling. Walang Goal sa Buhay. Chismosa.

I love: Chocolates. Pasta. Travelling. Photography. Mountains. Cats.Jayson and Yuri. My Clients. Nature. Beach.

Fears: Death. Gagamba. Heights .

Im a stubborn person. I will do whatever I want and no one can dictate me what I need to do. Not unless may point or sense yung pinagagawa, I also follow.  I dont care of what you think of me as long as hanggang think lang ang gagawin mo. Kasi pag kinanti mo ko, You’ll regret it.

I love my family. My family gives me strength.  My parents raised us well with love and integrity. 3rd Family kami ng tatay kong gwapo but he lives with us all throughout and Kasal sila ng Nanay ko. I have a lot of plans for them. I want an animal themed church wedding with my one and only Jayson. I want Yuri to be a doctor. I want my cats to be a dinosaur or maging doreimon.

I am an event Photographer. I believe that you dont have to be rich just to have an official event photographer. Thats my mission and vision LOL.

Im an activists lalo na sa mga taong walang pakialam sa empleyado.